Furry Friends Dedicated to Your “Pawsitive” Airport Experience!


In October 2015, Airport Foundation brought registered therapy dogs to MSP to delight travelers, reduce stress, and enhance the overall airport experience. MSP Animal Ambassadors has since become one of the largest programs of its kind in the country and a treasured part of the MSP Airport community.

In addition to working shifts at petting stations in the terminals, our Animal Ambassadors also participate in airport educational programs, outreach activities, and events.

To volunteer at the airport, all therapy animals and handlers must hold current certification with either Pet Partners or Alliance of Therapy Dogs. Therapy animals must be privately owned for at least three months by the handler, be at least one year old, have at least one year experience in at least three facilities, and have a minimum of one visit every three months within a therapy setting.

Teams are asked to work a minimum of 2 shifts per month. Shifts are typically 2 hours.

Animal Ambassador Helpers work alongside therapy dogs and their handlers to ensure visitors are following guidelines that help promote safe social distancing, handwashing, and a positive experience for all. No previous experience with animals is required!

What Travelers Are Saying:

“Seeing the therapy dog made my trip more comfortable. Please support these wonderful volunteers that help make flying a much better experience. I fly through MSP Airport when possible to see the dogs!”

“I met Getty, a beautiful therapy dog and her owner. What a lovely idea. Thank you for providing such a meaningful experience for travelers.”