We are the only Airport Foundation of its kind in the world! 

The Airport Foundation MSP was incorporated in 1982 under the name Metropolitan Public Airport Foundation, as a 501(c)(3) public charity, with the mission to serve the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport community and the traveling public. We achieved our mission in our early days through funding beautification projects at the airport and aviation related initiatives.

The Foundation was formed by leaders of the corporate, hospitality, and aviation industry who recognized the importance of the airport to the economic vitality of the region. As the airport grew, so grew the Foundation. In 1992 the Foundation took over the Travelers Aid services performed by the United Way and created the Travelers Assistance program.

The Board of Directors embarked on a strategic planning process in 2006 to assess the capacity of the organization to meet the growing demands of the airport and travelers. This planning process resulted in expanded services and a more focused mission. The Board also changed the name of the organization to Airport Foundation MSP. Expansion areas included the addition of an Arts & Culture program, development of additional volunteer opportunities and new passenger services.

Today the Airport Foundation MSP provides extensive programs and services staffed by a talented team of employees and more than 400 dedicated volunteers. Services include an expanded Travelers Assistance department, an Arts and Culture department, tourism support, grantmaking, expanded gambling operations and a wealth of community outreach initiatives that support the MSP Airport and aviation community. 

We share a very unique relationship with the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC), the governing body of Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. The Airport Foundation assists MAC in maintaining MSP’s status as one of the top airports in North America.

We directly serve nearly two million people annually at MSP.