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Key Information About The Foundation

Background and Mission

The Airport Foundation MSP was incorporated in 1982 as the Metropolitan Public Airport Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, by members of the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC), airlines and the local airport community. In 2006, the name was officially changed to Airport Foundation MSP to better reflect its mission:

The Airport Foundation MSP dedicates itself to enhancing the experience and exceeding the expectations of travelers at MSP International Airport, as well as supporting the airport and broader aviation community.


This mission is achieved by funding beautification projects, supporting aviation-related causes, and managing customer service initiatives at MSP International Airport. Since its inception, the Foundation has directly contributed over $4 million towards these efforts. With an annual budget of over $1 million, the Foundation is funded by a combination of concessions revenues, donations, annual fundraising events and some proceeds from the Minnesota State Lottery at MSP International Airport, the top grossing lottery retailer in the state.


The Travelers Assistance program has received the bulk of this funding. This program has become a model for airports around the world and has helped to rank MSP International as one of the top airports in North America. Currently, nearly 500 highly trained volunteers assist over 2 million travelers annually with information, way-finding, and a variety of special services. Other worthy projects include airport beautification efforts such as designed floor mosaics, plants and flower baskets, life-saving heart defibrillator units, and children’s play areas. The Foundation also contributes to organizations such as the Armed Forces Service Center and the Aviation Hall of Fame.

Vision and Future Goals

The Airport Foundation MSP is recognized throughout the world for excellence and innovation in enhancing the air travel experience and promoting aviation. In addition to existing programs, recent initiatives include: volunteers who bring “Minnesota Nice” MSP International to airport travelers as they arrive and depart; an expanded Arts and Culture program showcasing murals, sculptures, community exhibits, rotating art exhibitions, and musical and theatrical performances, and collaborative partnerships with the tourism industry to better promote events or opportunities in the Twin Cities area and throughout Minnesota.

Contact Information

Airport Foundation MSP
4300 Glumack Drive, Room D-2040
St. Paul, MN 55111


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