Vel Bostick

Delta Air Lines

Vel works as a complaint resolutions officer for Delta Air Lines. Vel was nominated for championing the cause of airline customers and exemplifying the ideal of ‘servant leadership.’ Her efforts to assist two customers with medical conditions extended beyond her obligations, demonstrating that ‘MSP Nice’ is more than a work ethic to her: it’s a way of life.

Tom Nieszner

Metropolitan Airports Commission

Tom has been a passenger service assistant for the Metropolitan Airports Commission for more than 24 years. In addition to literally working night and day during a recent snowstorm to ensure travelers had access to the information they needed, he personally escorted a mobility-challenged World War II veteran from the airport to the Veterans Administration Hospital. Tom has a personal goal of making three people laugh every day, illustrating the warmth, friendliness and positive attitude he brings to his role of helping airport customers make the most of their experience.

Roxanne Viska


Roxanne, a food and beverage operations director for HMS Host, creates a “guest first” team culture that generates high praise from travelers at MSP. One day when a flight had been delayed more than 12 hours, she enlisted two employees to help her make sandwiches for 100 passengers being bussed to Wisconsin, ensuring they didn’t have to make the journey without having eaten. In the process she created a program to help airlines respond to the needs of passengers stranded at the airport due to weather delays.