Ladane Adan

Ladane Adan of G2 Secure Staf was nominated by a record five Delta Air Lines Customer Service Agents: Cathy Skluzacek, Dynell O’Gara, Janet Heaver, Catherine Saari and Debra Zabloski. Here are some of his nominator’s comments:

“Ladane witnessed many killings and terroristic acts in Somalia before he was able to flee the country at the age of 26 and join his brother in Boston in 1993. Soon after, he came to Minnesota and earned his citizenship and began working at MSP. Ladane attended language classes and has mastered English. He now serves as an interpreter for passengers speaking African languages and dialects.

Ladane assists with OTJ [On the Job] training of new employees because of his friendliness, patience and job expertise. When Ladane is training new staff he teaches them to understand English words and phrases so they can better serve passengers. He teaches others to be respectful and leads by example. Because of Ladane all employees on the F Concourse work as a team keeping the customer as the focus. He is pleasant, prompt, efficient and compassionate.

Ladane’s job requires that he deal with caring for Delta’s most frail and challenged customers. From the elderly, to the non-English speaking to the physically and mentally challenged, Ladane’s skills stand out. He is known by many and loved by all.

Ladane is recently married and expecting his first child. I think he will be an amazing father.”

Cindy Dzimian

Cindy Dzimian was nominated by her fellow Delta Air Lines coworkers, Stephanie Stodiek and Lynn Nelson. Here are some of Stephanie and Lynn’s comments: y works as an advocate for passengers with disabilities traveling through MSP airport. In addition to her regular duties, her conflict resolution job entails working as a liaison between passengers, Delta personnel and G2 personnel. She personally interacts with thousands of passengers each month, listening to their concerns and working to resolve their issues.

She seems to have a hyper-awareness for those needing assistance. As she moves through the airport, she uses her highly developed awareness to find passengers in need and then makes sure they receive assistance. She educates people with disabilities on how to navigate the airport and air travel in general.

She has assumed the role of mentor to Delta agents and G2 Secure staff to improve customer service for special needs passengers. She was instrumental in establishing a designated check-in area for passengers in wheelchairs. As part of the Delta Disability Awareness Team she is a key player in the development and presentation of training for Delta agents to better serve travelers with sensitivity and dignity and in accordance with FAA and DOT mandates. She helped to organize the first ever Disability Awareness Expo at MSP in 2012 bringing in speakers and organizations to educate the entire MSP community.

Cindy is also an American Sign Language translator for the deaf. She has over 32 years of experience in the educational system as a translator. She can always be called upon to translate for the deaf and hard of hearing at MSP. She is such a valuable asset to MSP and we are all very fortunate to have her.”

Shelly Lopez

Shelly Lopez of Metropolitan Airports Commission was nominated by her fellow Metropolitan Airports Commission coworker, Kristi Rollwagen. Here are some of Kristi’s comments:

“Shelly’s commitment to MSP customers is immeasurable. Her position requires that she organize a multitude of tasks for the airport director and the personnel of the ADO. Shelly has taken the initiative to become a trained emergency management assistant and the lead coordinator of the Friends and Relatives Center, the Family Assistance Center and the Behavioral Health and Chaplain Support programs to assist MSP in disaster planning and readiness. She has ensured that MSP is ready to support the survivors, friends and relatives involved in an incident with the utmost care, compassion and respect. She works with the Delta and Sun Country in their emergency planning and is replicating the services at Terminal 2, should the need arise.

Shelly is the person who designs and purchases the holiday decorations for MSP. Shelly and her crack team of elves start the process in September and spend four weeks setting up and taking down decorations over the holiday season. Shelly engages staff from many MAC departments and has turned the MSP holiday decorating process into a community building experience.

Shelly exhibits leadership in all she does but none so much as her recent launch of the Navigating Autism Project at MSP. Shelly took the initiative to educate herself on autism, researched other programs, developed partnerships with MSP tenants and designed and implemented the program. And a successful program it is. This program has been well received by the families it serves and has generated an enormous amount of media attention. It is so popular it is now being offered every month at MSP.

Shelly has made MSP a better place for all of to work because she gives everything she does 100%. She is a go-getter and is willing to dive into any task she is asked to take on. She truly embodies the MSP Nice spirit.”