Michelle Crow

Michelle was nominated by three fellow Delta Air Lines employees: Catherine Easler, Wanda Stanton, and Lora Jorgerson. Their nomination letter explains, in part, “…Michelle Crow has been an NWA/DL agent at the MSP airport for the past 30 years. Michelle exhibits a kind and pleasant attitude toward everyone who comes in contact with her.

Michelle does her job with a positive attitude and does it well. When her job is to stock the podiums in the gate areas, she not only stocks but cleans the area. She will also collect lost and found articles rather than let them sit around the gate areas.

While driving her cart to the various gates, passengers constantly stop and ask her directions. Michelle is always more than willing to assist them to their destination.

Michelle also organizes activities for airline employees outside of work. One example is the kick ball team she organized last year.

Michelle is a constant college student. She is always open to learn something new. …Any questions? If Michelle doesn’t know the answer, she will certainly know where to find it. Michelle never speaks a negative word and is a great listener. She is always there for everyone. We are all proud to know her.”

Gwen Gill

Gwen was nominated separately by four people: Naomi Adams, Caribou Coffee shift supervisor; Neal Bernards, US Airways customer service agent; Pat Route, Delta Air Lines customer service agent; and Brian Mesko, Delta Air Lines skycap.

Naomi Adams advised, in part, “Gwen has been working at the MSP airport at Caribou Coffee for almost 5 years. She is an exceptional employee with the desire to reach out to all our guests!… A famous author who has established a well-known business model “The Fish Theory” took Gwen’s photo and uses her in his nationwide presentations as an example of exceptional guest service! What a woman! Many airport employees come to our store just to get the “Gwen experience.” SHE IS AMAZING! I do not know of anyone so deserving of this award!”

Pat Route said, “Gwen is a bright spot at the MSP airport. She’s friendly to passengers and employees…. She’s always one of the first employees at Caribou and may have ten customers waiting for her to start their day. Goes out of her way to smile and chat with each person. Truly a wonderful way to start a morning. Contributes to the MSP Airport community by being an inspiration to all of us.”

Brian Mesko declared, “I buy a cup of coffee at Caribou Coffee every day, Tuesday trough Saturday. Gwen never fails to greet me with a smile and is invariably pleasant and upbeat…. The world needs more people like Gwen Gill.”

Finally, Neal Bernards noted, “My work day at US Airways starts at 5 am. At 4:45 am the lovely employees of Caribou open their gates to the thirsty masses. Gwen is always upbeat with a personal response to every regular she serves. She also gets the traveling public in a good mood at an insanely early hour. Gwen helps make getting up at the crack of dawn worthwhile with her combination of good caffeine and ready quips. She is a memorable experience at MSP.”

Mike Jones

Mike was nominated by Delta Air Lines customer service agents Linda Connors and Jackie Heuser. The following information pulled from their email describes Mike: …he is one of the hardest but yet nicest working employees we know. Actually everyone knows him and loves him. He always greets everyone with a smile. You could go up and down the concourses from all the gate agents, snack shops, his coworkers, and even the newspaper delivery guy on the cart. He can name them all. Everyday Mike gets a newspaper and always makes sure he leaves it with one of us instead of throwing it away. He is always friendly and happy. You can really tell how much he enjoys his job; it sure shows in the work he does. Mike treats his customers like family. He shows great commitment to the job, the customers and to his coworkers.

This is just one small example: while meeting flight 2438 from Honolulu, we were visiting. The flight landed and he went down on the aircraft with the wheel chair to assist me. There was no one else to help. Mike wasn’t even on the clock yet! That’s just the kind of guy he is.

One day he even brought in his famous homemade spaghetti and garlic toast. He hauled it in a crockpot and all to the end of the G concourse to share with us! What a treat and what a nice thing to do!”

He also shows great leadership by exemplifying an extraordinary work ethic being the lead wheelchair pusher, and does everything he can to help us as gate agents, and delivers great service to our passengers too. Everyone just loves him and his personality. Even the passengers have nothing but compliments about him. He gets prepared for the day long before his shift starts. It’s a tough job and in addition to doing his job he makes sure the concourse is covered properly. He is so very dependable and reliable. He is such an asset to the MSP ATO community.