As communities across the globe work to suppress the spread of COVID-19, Arts@MSP invites you to reconnect with Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport through the arts.

MSP’s art collection is inspired by the landscapes, the people, the animals, and the diverse cultures of Minnesota. Richly saturated mosaics grace the restrooms. Thoughtfully designed sculptures surprise guests with innovative use of materials and techniques. Gorgeous inlaid floors delight passengers with meaningful content and superior craftsmanship that will stand the test of time.

Make your world more colorful with coloring pages for children of all ages and abilities. Learn about the art collection at MSP Airport and engage with Minnesota’s creative community while non-essential travel is restricted.

Until you’re ready to fly again, have fun, relax, unwind, and #StayCreative with Arts@MSP, all from the comfort of home.

Flying Colors

Flying Colors is a suite of free coloring pages based on MSP’s art collection and exhibitions. Download your favorites from the available options below. Then, share your masterpieces by emailing us at to be featured on our Facebook and Instagram profiles.

Coloring page of Minnesota Prairie by Sheryl Tuorila
Minnesota Prairie © Sheryl Tuorila, 2017
Coloring page of Minnesota Lepidoptera by Josie Lewis
Minnesota Lepidoptera © Josie Lewis, 2019
Minnesota Lepidoptera © Josie Lewis, 2019
The Friendship Committee Coloring Book © Wesley Fawcett Creigh, 2018