Magna Carta to Minnesota: the Rule of Law

Thomson Reuters Concourse C Art Gallery, Near Gate C12

 The Magna Carta has a special role in our lives:  It guides our common humanity. Teaches us that the rules are for everybody.  And provides a sense of fairness among people living and sharing space in a crowded world.

It is the law.  And it is who we are.  A historical anchor attached to the living, changing set of rules that continually shapes our identity and behavior.

“Magna Carta to Minnesota” reveals how a protest document written centuries before Minnesota became a state still has impact on our lives and helped create one of the largest law repositories in the world –which got its start in our own backyard.

As England and the US celebrates the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, Thomson Reuters along with the Airport Foundation MSP presents a captivating look at the our evolution with the written law through art and literature.

TR Magna Carta