We celebrate the spirit and beauty of Indigenous peoples! We honor the uniqueness and history of First Nations Peoples including the Meskwaki Nation, Lakota, Ojibwe, Dakota, Nakota, Menominee, Cree, Ho-Chunk, Navajo, and other tribes.

As individual artists, we join together as one!

We honor our elders through many beautiful forms of art: music, dance and storytelling to reflect our rich cultural history and customs passed down from generation to generation. We share the true history of bravery, fortitude, generosity and wisdom of our People.

We are passionately devoted to keeping our traditions alive. Our mission is to educate, inspire, motivate and empower diverse communities to bridge cultural gaps through Indigenous traditions.

Feel the beat of the drum, experience the hypnotizing power of dance, and enjoy the rhythm of the music as we share the cultural history, traditions, ways, beliefs, and spiritual importance of Indigenous peoples.

Working with artists worldwide, Native Pride, fosters self-awareness, self-esteem and expression through:
–Corporate Welcoming Ceremonies
–Multi-Cultural Diversity Workshops