Born in Buenos Aires, Andrés started studying piano when he was just 6 years old. He completed the middle cycle of the National Conservatory of Music. He began to sing when he was an adult, at 
the age of 22. His voice is a bright baritone.
Andrés studied with many teachers in Argentina: Cecilia Escudero, Agatha Chisari, and Norberto Mazza and took magisterial classes, with Gustavo Ceron and Roxana Bárbara. Recently, he has studied an Italian technique with Perla Napoli, who introduced him to the world of lyrics.
Additionally, Andrés has studied repertory and interpretation of tangos with the great Master of the Style Nestor Rivas, with Leandro de Rosa, with tango singer Daniel Almiron, and with the great pianist at the prestigious House of Tango, Mario Marmo.
He has sung in many places in Buenos Aires: Casa Del Tango, Café Tortoni with Trío de Tango Testimonial, and Esquina de Homero Manzi, Club Versalles, La Dama de Bollini, La Bohemia Piano Bar, Club Independiente de Bolívar, Culture Center Padre Mujica, Highland Park Country.
Andrés Gross has produced many different shows: “Por Una Cabeza,” “Contando Tangos,” “16 Tangos de Repertorio “, “Te con Tangos,” “Te con Tangos 2,” (Dancers Gustavo Gutiérrez, Zulma Ríos and Nuevos Aires Tango Dance Ballet ).
In January 2015, Andrés moved to Minnesota and had the opportunity to perform at the St. Paul National Festival with Bob Barnes, Milonga Caliente, Four Season Studio Dancer, Capella Towers, Ballroom Studio, and Tango Society of Rochester milonga. 
Andrés says “Tango is a great style to sing “.  Andrés believes it is a passion that you can dance while feeling extraordinary things, especially when you are singing and transmitting its history. “I wish with all my heart that people can listen while dancing all night long.”