As a prolific composer and guitarist from DR Congo (later Uganda, Kenya, Dubai and Japan) Siama performed with many of the greats and was a sought-after studio musician, recording hundreds of popular songs during the golden era of soukous music in the 70s-80s. His signature sound and commitment to innovation helped to fuel the popularization of soukous (aka “the sound of happiness”) which is ubiquitous on dance floors the world-over to this day.

Siama launched his solo career in 2014 from Minneapolis, MN-USA after being awarded a McKnight Fellowship and now that he’s running his own show, he’s developed an acoustic format, a lot of new material is flowing and he’s collaborating with musicians of a wide array of backgrounds and instrumentation. 

In addition to performing concerts, festivals, home concerts and special events, Siama hosts interactive programs and instrument petting zoos for children and lifelong learners and he teaches workshops on songwriting and guitar.