~ “All I Want to Do is Play for You” ~

Heidi started learning to play when she was 7 ~ and was told to sit there until the buzzer rang. It was on a Baldwin Acrosonic in Bloomington, MN in 1969.  Soon  it became Heidi’s own passion & she  kept playing!   Today, as a Composer & Arranger, she is versatile with Classical, Contemporary, Jazz, Pop, and the ever beloved Jazz Standards from the Golden Era.  

“I live to play, I love to play, and I love what I do.” 

Adoring fans say “She has a lyrical style that sets her apart.  It’s the way she plays! It’s like she sings with her fingers!” 

Heidi currently plays at the MSP int’l Airport, and at Von Maur, in Eden Prairie, MN.  

Her experience includes Solo Piano Engagements, along with Accompaniment for Vocalists, Instrumentalists & Ensembles. She enjoys playing for Weddings, Special Events, Dinners, Receptions, Corporate Engagements, Theaters, and Orchestras.  

She Volunteers to play at Senior Living Communities & Nursing Homes to give back to her community, and to thank them for their support.  

“It’s the People, that’s why I play; I meet the most wonderful people in the world”.