Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport Arts and Culture Program

Due: February 29, 2018

Sponsor Information

Arts@MSP, a partnership between the Airport Foundation MSP and the Metropolitan Airports Commission, is seeking an artist to design, fabricate and install large scale commissioned mosaics to be displayed in the entryway of the new restrooms on the F Concourse of Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) Terminal 1-Lindbergh (T-1), Valet Parking (T1) and a new restroom set also to be constructed as part of the new Silver Ramp at Terminal 1- Lindbergh.

More than 32 million people travel through MSP every year, garnering the selected artist an unprecedented opportunity to share his or her talent with an ever-changing international audience.

The commissioned project fulfills the mission of Arts@MSP: To enhance MSP Airport’s image; enrich the public’s experience; and promote a sense of place through arts and culture.

To learn more about the Arts@MSP program, download its Master Plan at www.airportfoundation.org using the link below.



The Metropolitan Airports Commission, owner and operator of MSP Airport, is in the midst of a multi-year renovation project that when completed, will result in new restrooms at several locations at Terminal 1-Lindbergh. The project will commence spring 2018 and is projected to be completed by December 31, 2020.

The overriding goal of the project is to provide an attractive, inspiring design that engages travelers to think about movement and environment, using natural elements. The commissioned work should improve the physical and psychological qualities of the space. The artist’s work will help make the restroom area both easily identifiable and add to the quality of the guest’s experience.

This new restroom embraces and emphasizes state-of-the-art technology, natural materials, sustainability, life-safety and customer service amenities balanced with a modern timeless design using warm, inviting and light-colored finishes.

The T-1 Restrooms will:

 Prioritize guest comfort, ease of movement through the space and engage travelers during the length of time required to use the facility
 Reflect the prototype for restrooms, display cases and commissioned artworks in both terminals
 Offer the customer a memorable experience
 Improve aesthetics
 Conform to building code and ADA requirements, providing enhanced accessibility
 Provide unified and durable material and fixture standards to reduce maintenance and repair costs
 Incorporate sustainable materials and practices

Project Description

The selected artist will create a mosaic design for each entryway into the assigned restroom set. The designs are to relate among the entryways of the restroom set. The number of entryways and sizes for each restroom set are as follows:


Concourse F (December 2018 Completion):
One Women’s mosaic at approximately 11’ wide x 9’ high.
One Men’s mosaic at approximately 11’ wide x 9’ high.

Valet Area (July 2019 Completion):
One mosaic at approximately 8’ wide x 9’ high.

Silver Ramp (December 2019 Completion):
One mosaic at approximately 7’ wide x 9’ high.

Fabrication and installation will be a part of the artist’s contract. Each project’s General Contractor will be responsible for overseeing the installation of the artwork.

Acceptable materials for design and installation will be durable, easy to clean, and code compliant. Tile backer board will be provided by the General Contractor. Tile must be adhered with commercial grade mortar. All joints must be grouted and sealed, with perimeter sealant between tile and adjacent floor, wall, and ceiling materials. Sharp, protruding edges and corners are not permitted.

Artist Requirements
 Experience with large-scale public art wall installations.
 Must be able to complete the designs by dates indicated herein.

Submittal Information

Please submit the following information collated in the order indicated below, not to exceed 10 pages total. Submit one (1) hardcopy original, plus one (1) flash drive that contains a PDF of the information. The following elements are required:

1. Letter of Interest
Not to exceed two typed pages, the letter must include:
a. Name, address, telephone number and email address of the artist
b. Statement of interest. This should demonstrate a clear understanding of the project scope and intent.
c. Describe your experience collaborating with architects and contractors.
d. State your schedule and availability to accomplish this project.

2. Artist Resume
Include the following:
a. Information related to any formal training or schooling
b. Extent of experience with installations of large scale public artwork
c. Description of any competitions won or juried exhibitions in which your work has been displayed.

3. Materials
a. Describe materials you have used on previous projects and how they match the criteria outlined in the Project Description
b. Include maintenance recommendations based on past experience with the materials you have used and would propose to use

4. Budget
The total budget for the initial projects will be divided as follows:

a. $8,000-13,000 design fee to include any necessary travel and other documented expenses.

b. $113,000 for fabrication and installation of mosaic at Concourse F

c. $113,000 for fabrication and installation of mosaic at Silver Ramp

d. $55,000 for fabrication and installation of mosaic at Valet Parking

5. Artist Installation Involvement during Fabrication and Installation
a. Artist(s) and installer(s) must provide full name and date of birth information in order to be badged for entry.
b. Artist installs as subcontractor to General Contractor.
c. Artist is responsible for mosaic installation.

6. Example Projects
a. Please provide at least three (3) examples of similar artwork you have created. Include photographs, a description, the cost for materials and installation, and the location for each project.

7. References
a. Provide reference information for at least three (3) of the projects included above. Include a contact name and phone number for the client.

As per the Master Plan, the solicitation of artists for this project will be open.

A selection panel including representatives from the Metropolitan Airports Commission, the Airport Foundation MSP, and the arts community will determine which of the proposing artists should be interviewed with a recommendation being forwarded to the full MSP Arts and Culture Steering Committee (“Committee”) for approval. The Committee then recommends that the Metropolitan Airports Commission enter into an agreement with the selected artist.

The evaluation criteria for selection of the finalists to be interviewed will be based on:
1. Professional qualifications, and experience
2. Creativity, quality and strength of previous work submitted for review
3. Experience with installations of this scale, and similar environments
4. Appropriateness of previous work scope to this project
5. Successful demonstration of experience working with design professionals, and as a member of a team
6. Regional talent is preferred

Artists selected for interviews will be required to provide a proposed work plan and schedule that includes how the artist will work during the process with the Metropolitan Airports Commission, the Arts and Culture Steering Committee, the architects/interior designers, and general contractor. Work plan should include a review submittal of conceptual options, and the final design.

Interviews may be conducted in person, via telephone or via videoconferencing, depending upon the availability of the artist and committee members.

The Committee, the Airport Foundation and the Metropolitan Airports Commission reserve the right to reject any and all qualification statements, to re-advertise, to waive minor irregularities and informalities, to adjust deadlines, and to negotiate with any, all or reject all of the artists.

Selected artists will also be required to create artwork and text for an approximately 6” wide x 10” high didactic plaque for travelers to create rubbings from their experience at the airport. Artist to provide architect an Illustrator vector format digital file with a high resolution linework abstraction of the mosaic and a text file with a brief description of mosaic, artist’s name, name of work, and date of work. The general contractor will have plaque fabricated and installed.

Payment Process
Design Phase: MSP Airport will provide 10% of design fee upon signing of contract. The remaining 90% is to be invoiced monthly (with documentation of process) to the architect. Note that the payment process during the design phase can take up to 120 days from Architect’s receipt of invoice.

Fabrication/Installation Phase: MSP Airport will provide 30% of design fee upon signing of contract. The remaining 70% is to be invoiced monthly (with documentation of process) to the General Contractor. Note that the payment process during the design phase can take up to 60 days from Architect’s receipt of invoice.

Completion: 5% of Fabrication/Installation Phase amount will be retained by the MSP Airport until mosaic installation is approved by the airport.


RFQ Posted: January 29, 2018
Qualifications Due: February 28, 2018
Interviews: March 8, 2018
Artist Selection: March 15, 2018

F Concourse Design Due: June 15, 2018
Installation begins by: December 7, 2018
Installation completed by: December 14, 2018

Valet Design Due: January 7, 2019
Installation begins by: June 3, 2019
Installation completed by: June 7, 2019

Silver Ramp Design Due: March 4, 2019
Installation begins by: December 9, 2019
Installation completed by: December 13, 2019

Please direct questions and submit qualifications to:

Robyne Robinson
fiveXfive arts consultants
3531 Hennepin Avenue #4
Minneapolis, MN 55408
(612) 725-8321