Theres a new enchanting exhibit on the South Main Mall of Terminal 1-Lindbergh that features the beauty of everyday life in Minnesota’s Great Outdoors.

Outdoor Painters of Minnesota specializes in a style of painting called En Plein Air, or “In Open Air”: a genre introduced by French Impressionists. The idea is for the artist to capture the essential likeness or nature of the scene by painting it live on location. Plein Air artists seek to depict the composition of light, dark and colors as accurately as possible

Many of OPM’s most distinguished professional members are featured in this year-long exhibit. The works will be rotated seasonally, and are available for sale to the public. You can learn more about OPM at

Arts@MSP is proud of its programs that collaborate with Minnesota’s arts community. This is the second exhibit displayed in the glass cases that grace our newly remodeled restrooms. The first, a collaboration with the US Cuban Artists’ Exchange, can be found in the display cases on both the E and F Concourses in Terminal 1-Lindbergh.

Andy Evensen/"Hastings Depot"/Watercolor on Paper

Andy Evensen/”Hastings Depot”/Watercolor on Paper

Neil Sherman/"Old and Cold"/Oil on Linen

Neil Sherman/”Old and Cold”/Oil on Linen

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Scott Lloyd Anderson/”Sled Dogs at Menogyn” Oil on Canvas Board

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Mary Pettis/”Gentle Glow”/Oil on Linen