News Clips and Videos About Airport Foundation MSP:


7/17/2018: Meet the New Guy in Charge of Art at MSP Airport

5/01/2018: International artist to install public art at Minneapolis-St. Paul airport’s Terminal 1

4/23/2018: Artist Announced to Create Art Piece at MSP

4/23/2018: New York Artist Picked For ‘Iconic’ Piece At MSP Airport

1/17/2018: MSP is ready for Super Bowl 52

1/13/2018: Foundation puts Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport’s best foot forward

1/12/2018  MSP Airport features Transfer of Memory Holocaust exhibit during Super Bowl

1/11/2018: Transfer of Memory, Story from WCCO radio

1/5/2018: Transfer of Memory, a photography exhibit about the Holocaust, is on display at MSP International Airport.

11/30/2017: Dogs ready to welcome Super Bowl Fans at MSP

8/15/2017: Before taking off, try one of these 11 new restaurants at MSP

5/30/2017:  Travelers Assistance – Animal Ambassadors:  Stressed at the Airport?  Find These Dogs – Source:  CNN – May 2017

5/25/2017:  Arts@MSP:  Public Art Programs and Administrators Working in Hybrid Spaces – Source:  Public Art Review – Spring/Summer 2017

5/16/2017: Delta unveils new face scan baggage check at MSP

3/27/2017:  Animal Ambassadors:  Canines on the Concourse – Source:  Wagazine – Spring 2017

3/9/2017:  Now showing: Movies at the airport – Source:  The Des Moines Register Online – Part of the USA Today Network – 3/8/2017

2/24/2017:  Cinematic Layover: Movie Theatres in Airports are Taking Flight

12/28/2016: The best airport amenities of 2016

11/23/16: The Best Bathroom in the United States Is in an Airport

11/22/16: MSP Airport has first-class seats. In the bathroom

11/21/16: MSP Airport has first-class seats. In the bathroom

8/9/16: MSP Airport’s ‘Art of Food’ waxes nostalgic over Minnesota’s food history

7/29/16: Have a Flight?Exhibit shows history of Minnesota food (and drink)

7/20/16: A Solid Base for the Arts at MSP

3/24/2016: MSP Airport now has dogs to help reduce travel stress

3/24/2016: Animal Petting Program Helps Stressed Out Travelers at MSP Airport

2/18/2016: Therapy dogs ease stress at MSP airport – KARE

1/13/2016: Picotte wins ‘Best in Show’ in art contest

1/9/2016: MSP Airport plans multimillion overhaul of its restrooms

12/30/15: Mini Movie Theater to Open at Portland International Airport

12/02/2015: Terminal Cures: Airports changing for the better

10/19/2015: Exhibit at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport features US, Cuban artists

10/17/2015: MSP Airport Art Exhibit Explores U.S. – Cuban Relations
                        US-Cuban Artist Exhibit Opens at Twin Cities Airport
‘Buoyancy,’ new art exhibit at Twin Cities Airport, marks reopened relations between US, Cuba

10/7/2015: Contemporary Cuban art shown at Minneapolis St. Paul airport

10/6/2015: Frozen US-Cuban Relations Melt, Decorate MSP Airport

9/30/2015: Recap: Mall of America’s Light Rail Fashion Show

8/20/2015: Live music is just one of the ways arts are enhancing MSP Airport

6/23/2015: MSP completes art restoration project

6/19/2015: Magna Carta exhibit at MSP Airport

2/4/2015: See18 screening room open at MSP

12/15/2014: Artistic escape inside busy airport

12/10/2014: Airport Art Winners

12/6/2014: Holiday music on tap at Twin Cities Airport

12/6/2014: Holiday music to soothe travelers at MSP in December

11/12/2014: MSP Airport concourse becomes an arts corridor

10/31/2014: Travel Scene: MSP puts art in the airport

10/30/2014: What’s next for MSP Airport? Movies, says arts director Robyne Robinson

10/25/2014: Dinner, a movie and a flight out of Minneapolis

10/24/2014: MSP Airport screening room is ready for its close-up

6/9/2014: Art at the Airport

6/9/2014: Robyne Robinson opens MSP art exhibit

3/11/2014: MSP Airport adds screening room for regional films

11/11/2013: Robyne Robinson on arts at the airport

11/9/2013: MSP Airport arts and culture program expands